• The Measurement of Media Literacy Skill of Indonesian Language Teachers Based on Individual Competence

    Sumber: http://penulis.ukm.um.ac.id/literasi-media-sebagai-solusi-untuk-memberdayakan-khalayak/


    The media saturated era demands the education circle, including Indonesian language teachers not only being able to operate the media, but also being critical of the content within it. At this time, there are 25% of Indonesian language teachers who have media literacy skills. The measurement of individual competence-based media literacy skill aims to measure the level of one’s ability in using and utilizing the media. The measurement methodology based on two categories of measurement standards; namely the level of personal competence and social competence. The conclusion of this conceptual study is media literacy will be implemented in teaching and learning process of Indonesian subjects. Therefore, the level of literacy skill of Indonesian language teachers needs to be known for sure. One of them is to make sure the conduciveness of language skill learning, which is vital in the demand of 21st Century skills and reference of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) for students.

    Keywords: Media literacy, individual competence, indonesian subjects

    *telah dipresentasikan dan dipublikasikan dalam prosiding the BASA Internasional Seminar 2019
    BASA 2019 - EUDL, Univ. Sebelas Maret Surakarta, 20-21 September 2019
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