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 Scientific work is one means of dissemination of science and technology. In the academic world, especially universities, writing scientific papers is an obligation. There is an assumption of some students that make it complicated and scientific work hard. When writing scientific papers, some students complained about the difficulty of organizing the content and apply the rules of writing scientific papers. Rules of procedure relating to writing, writing scientific papers follow two rules of standard writing conventions that are specific and general writing conventions. Writing rules that are specific rules about technical writing is agreed and applicable in a particular environment. As a general rule of writing is the rule of Indonesian raw and enhanced spelling (EYD). Thesis Writing courses given to VI semester students with the aim of providing food for the preparation of a thesis. Within the course students are required to produce some kind of scientific work product. To improve the quality of the products of scientific work, particularly in terms of linguistic rules, then the course of activities designed to involve language editing-private activity.

*Terpublikasi dalam prosiding Seminar Forum Ilmiah I FIB Univ. Andalas, 13 Nov 2012

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